Research is an essential and powerful tool to shape decisions for your business. Women are often underestimated, misunderstood or left out of research altogether. We want to change that.

Using our our research and direct experiences with clients, this newly launched division allows BHC to expand upon our learnings and share insights on a broader scale through quarterly trends analysis and formal studies.

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The Women's Professional Conference Experience & Impact Study

Conferences play an essential role in providing networking opportunities and continued education for professionals across every industry. Yet, these professional experiences are left out of major studies examining equity gaps for women at work.

To begin to fill this void in national research, BHC Founder, Brady Hahn joined forces with Dr. Emerald Archer and the Center for the Advancement of Women at Mount Saint Mary’s University to examine if and how professional conferences are impacting women’s equity in the workplace.


Content Trends: Why Women Are Left Off Conference Stages

Over the past 10 years our consultants have worked with conference organizers to program over 300 panels, keynotes and workshops at co-ed events. We found four common reasons why women were passed over for speaking opportunities and how to fix them. Visit our dedicated solution kit here and our insights published on GenderAvenger: Your Job Title Is Not Your Worth: When Will Experience Count?


Giving Trends: Tapping Into The Next Generation of Women Donors

Coming Soon! For the first time in history, an unprecedented number of women have control of their wealth. It’s no longer only inherited from fathers, husbands or families - women are building their wealth on their own terms. Based on over three years of focus groups and collection of first person narratives across client projects, BHC is developing a digest of insights including generational trends and suggestions to tap into the vast potential of women donors over the next decade.

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Content Trends: Speaking to Female Entrepreneurs

Coming Soon! The content offered to female entrepreneurs tends to focus on the success stories (or at least the successful parts of the story). Based on BHC observations of content across the country, we have identified some of the missing pieces that women need to hear to develop successful independent businesses.

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