Brady Hahn Consulting
Brady Hahn Consulting
We help the people behind organizations share their knowledge and ideas.

Welcome to BHC

We help the people behind organizations share their collective knowledge, ideas, and expertise with each other and the world. 

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Our niche

The BHC experience

We are experts at listening between the lines and unpacking the nuances between what people say they want, and uncovering what they may not know they need.

As a referral only business, our clients are our partners. By working with us, you join a larger ecosystem of resources within our network including BHC’s collective of women experts, original research, and digital products.

Using BCH guided strategies, our clients see an average revenue growth of 60% within four months through efforts like sales of products, programs, sponsorships, and more.*

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Who we are

About us

We are unique and we believe you are too. 

BHC is a woman-owned and woman centric strategy consultancy at the cross-section of communication, marketing, and business development.

Our team consists of expert strategists, researchers, facilitators, fundraisers and storytellers who have worked with some of the largest brands in the world. We scale our team according to your needs to design the strongest strategy for your team to implement.

We help our clients translate big ideas into meaningful experiences for their community. We want to help you make a positive difference in the world. Join us.

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Meet our clients

We have helped clients connect with 250,000 professionals globally (and counting!).

Our clients are iconic brands, long-standing institutions, and innovative individuals. They range from event sponsors to conference organizers, membership organizations and learning & development platforms. They are both for-profits and non-profit businesses - all with the same goal of sharing knowledge, ideas, and expertise.

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